How To Change Your Life with The Blessings of Angels

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This article was channelled from the Archangels Michael and Haniel on 28/02/2024.

Hello everybody this is Archangel Michael and Archangel Haniel. We are two angels who are very connected to people, very connected to the planet Earth and we love everybody, we absolutely love all human beings. Now, we can tell you how to be happier, how to live a better life, how to get more of what you desire in life.

So basically, we’re going to talk about three things – the first thing we’re going to talk about is success and the second thing would talk about is overcoming difficulties and the last thing we’ll talk about is financial wealth.

So first of all, we talk about success. Now success is something that a lot of people often work towards and often strive to achieve, but not everybody achieves what they want. The question is what can you do? What can you incorporate into your daily routine that will help you bring more success and we have an answer for you. You can manifest through compassion and love and joy and opening the heart, because opening the heart it creates more positive energy and positive energy is related to success.

So, we recommend for those of you who are interested in following our instruction, look up a guided meditation on how to generate more compassion and if you generate more compassion it’s good karma, it’s positive energy, it will come back to you. The universe will repay you for everything you do to benefit others.

Ok so that’s the first thing. The second thing we want to talk about is overcoming difficulties. Now all of us suffer in some way, everyone on this planet has to suffer. There’s always some level of suffering and the key issue here is that not all suffering has to be endured. There are some sufferings that can be avoided and some sufferings that can be reduced. So, our advice is this – relax your mind and learn to channel, learn to channel inner happiness, learn to channel inner joy and what we mean by this is you open yourself to a feeling of love, you open yourself to a feeling of happiness. You allow these feelings to grow and our little meditation for doing so is this – you relax, you sit down with your legs crossed. You sit down in a meditation posture; you relax and you begin to count your breath you count to 15 or 20 then you go back and start again. You do these three times and whenever you catch your mind wandering, you just return to counting the breath. That’s a simple meditation.

Now after you’ve finished this simple meditation we want you to say this – “I now open to my inner happiness, I now channel my inner joy. I relax, I open, I channel” and then you imagine your joy and happiness is getting bigger and stronger and you feel happy and relaxed. You imagine a sense of happiness and joy, it grows bigger and bigger and bigger you let it grow as big as you can imagine. It can be as big as a football field, it can be as big as a city, it can be as big as the universe and then from that state of joy you say “I dedicate whatever positive energy I’ve generated to the welfare of all sentient beings.”

That is a technique that will help you overcome difficulties and help you enjoy yourself more and it’s really a significant thing, so take it seriously.

Ok now the last thing we want to talk about is financial wealth. So, everyone on this planet usually wants more money. There are not many people who don’t. Everyone thinks ‘I need more than I have, I have enough but I want this I want this I want that’ so if you’re successful, if you’re happy then this part of the channelled message will not necessarily have any benefit for you. However, if you’re someone who’s wanting to be happy and wanting to be successful and so far you have not achieved financial success, then we recommend joy and happiness and love. What we mean by this is that taking yourself into a state of happiness, taking yourself into a state of joy will actually help you to generate the necessary motivation and necessary insight to start to achieve financial wealth. We recommend follow our instructions that we’ve listed before, follow our meditation on how to channel your inner happiness and your inner joy and then when you’ve done this a few times, when you’ve done this for 6 weeks or 10 weeks, we guarantee that something will shift for you.