Manifesting With Angels

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This blog article was channelled from the Archangels Michael and Haniel on 27/02/2024

How does one go about creating your deepest, deepest wishes? How is it possible to change your fate? Can you do it quickly or does it take a long time?

The question is why would you not experience all of your wishes? Why don’t they come true? What is it about life that makes us suffer lack and unhappiness, why do these things happen?

So, the answer to this question, the answer to all these questions is that we create everything.

Every single moment of every day we are creating and we don’t even know we’re doing it. So, if something good happens to you, you in some way created it. If something unpleasant happens to you, you also created that, but we don’t understand how to use this power that we have, that is why the angels can help.

Now the angels understand how reality works, what the laws of the physical world are and they understand that almost anything at all can be created. So, when you use the angelic assistance that’s available to you, you can change your fate, you can get something much more enjoyable than that which would have happened otherwise, that which would have happened before. So, we angels, Archangel Michael and Archangel Haniel, are going to be your friends and your compatriots who help you to manifest your wishes.

Basically, we, the two angels involved in this archangel creation manifestation and blessing, we two angels are the most beautiful wonderful beings who have a deep sense of wanting you to get your wishes, wanting to see you happy and wanting you to be free of suffering. That is what we want and so if you use what we offer and manifest your wishes, things will get much better.

Put simply, the angels can manifest because we know how reality functions, because we understand reality we know it’s changeable. We know it’s absolutely open to any possible wish that you could ever have and so in order to understand how the angels create, you just need to understand that everything is in essence non-dual, non dual compassion, non-dual light because everything is light, it can be manipulated, it can be changed, it can be altered.

Now the question arises, what do you need in order to get angelic help? Well, we are teaching a course on manifestation and this course can be found on this very website. If you are interested in this course then we say that the two angels involved are Archangel Michael and Archangel Haniel and we will be your channeling guides, we will be your teachers, we will be your friends and we will manifest your wishes for you.

So basically, anything you wish can be created, it’s just a question of trust and faith and love and patience, because patience is required too.