Lesson Guide

What to Manifest

  • You can manifest three things with this course
  • The first manifestation should be relatively easy to trust in – for example manifesting
    a promotion at your job or more happiness and less problems
  • The second manifestation should be something a bit more ambitious – for example a
    new house or new relationship
  • The third manifestation can be anything at all
  • These manifestations must be something that helps you and doesn’t bring harm to

How to Use This Course

  • There are five weekly lessons as well as an introduction and conclusion
  • Do one of the videos and course guides per week starting with Week 1 – Compassion
  • Make sure you watch the videos first, as the angels are transmitting a blessing
    through these videos
  • You may need to spend more than one week on some aspects, for example if you are
    having trouble with trust
  • When you manifest what you asked for, then you can go back and start again to
    manifest something else.

One More Thing

  • Generating love and compassion and helping others will support your manifestations.

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